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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Ripped Jeans’

A rare occasion to be present at birth of a new term, invented by Ms White: celana gemesh. The term goes for all kind of sexy trousers, long or short, especially for ripped jeans, and especially especially for short ripped jeans that have pockets longer than the leggings of the jeans themselves. No need to be Selena Gomez to be hot.



Kejutan! Aku beli celana gemesh  –  Surprise! I bought gemesh trousers

Oh, kamu beli CD Selena Gomez?  –  Oh, you bought Selena Gomez’ CD?

Bukan! Aku beli celana yang bikin kamu gemesh  –  No! I bought trousers that make you (feel) gemesh

Gemesh  –  A strong burst of cuteness, which makes you hugging and acting like you had just seen a puppy (or whatever you like so much)


A Stand-up

Between tonight and July, minus one

Have you ever felt a pity of yourself… a fake kind of pity, and realized it has become a real depression, much bigger than the original level of pity you just made up to make others to feel sorry about you?

It needs a big self-esteem and on contrary, a very tiny self-confidence to have such depression.

Which is a paradox. And therefore indicates bipolar thinking, which is another problem and reason to get depressed.

But I am speaking about myself of course, so I shouldn’t go too far…

Anyway, my feeling of pity started with a deadline. Deadlines have always been a huge problem for me.

Another problem, you think. You think it bcos you are superficial about your results…

I might be as well, to be honest…

It happens often, that I start so late that the last day before deadline my schedule becomes so tight, it isn’t even realistic to finish a title anymore.

It’s not about this sketch ofc…

I am speaking in annual terms now. And getting to the point: When should i get married?

No, I am not. Yet. True…

They don’t believe me in Asia, if I admit that. They are all married there before they even can meet someone they actually might like. It’s strange, I know, ‘coz they still don’t get diveorced too often.

Deadline for marriage. It should be an emotional decision, you say (I heard someone, a very young voice)

According to the rules in Asia, marriage is connected to the deadline I can fuck my girlfriend without condom to have a baby. Which means she has to become my wife at least an hour before ..that. Okay, we can cheat a bit and make love a month before marriage, and lie that it was a premature baby. But that’s all.

So, the question is about the deadline to have a baby afterall, which is purely mathematical, not emotional. Yes, it isn’t just a concern of women. My math says, it should be at least a year before the age my own dad made me. To be a better dad, I think.

So I made the calculations last night and fell asleep at 7 in the morning. The deadline is just so close I started to make a list of nightclubs… Just kidding. I have my favorite club. But I also have a girlfriend. And the math says, we should make love somewhere between tonight and July, and get married somewhere between tonight and July minus one.

Tonight minus one day was yesterday, you said? Well, I haven’t learnt much math, but I am getting older, so I’ll go and find something to wear for tonight. And my number is on screen.

Thank you

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