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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Vampire’

A new happening, taking photos of yourselves, selfies, from any reflective surface to improve that you are not a vampire. And if you happen to notice that your girlfriend isn’t there by your side, you’d better take her blood sample… Maybe she just hasn’t shown her fungs yet.



Kenapa foto sendirian di cermin? – Why do you photograph yourself from (that) mirror?

Mau buktikan bahwa aku bukan vampir – I wanna prove that I’m not a vampire

Mana kamu ya? – Where are you (now)?  [Ya is used in bahasa almost like a spelled out question mark]

Oh, ke toko saja – Oh, going just for shopping [just to the shop]



By calculations, the mixed couple has been together in Indonesia about four months by now.

By calculations, it is pretty expensive. Some costs can be avoided, though.


Ms White: You had to pay 315,000 rupiahs to AirAsia, if you wanted to change the date?

Mr White: Yes. And the ticket was about 400,000, so it is almost a price of a 2nd ticket.

Ms White: Sounds like blackmailing…

Mr White: Funny is, they say it is legal…

Ms White: Well, on your ticket it is said: “In case of itinerary changes, SOME administration costs will be charged.” Some. I am ironic now.

Mr White: It is not your style.

Ms White: Nothing about 5% or 10% or 15% or 20% or 25% or 30% or 35% or 40% or 45% or 50%. Not even 55% or 60% or 65% or 70%. No, they want more than 75% extra to change the date. Some!

Mr White: I admit that, but I’m calm, I just won’t use them anymore. I am more worried about the costs that I cannot avoid. Like my visa, extending it, then travelling out of the country to get new visa again, for hotels and for apartement here.

Ms White: Oh. Banyak nya? [Is it a lot?]

Mr White: Quite, 3500 euros per year is banyak even for me. And it is without food. Without our trips.

Ms White: Banyaaakkk. Can you still stay here, honey?

Mr White: I have to cut some costs. Like replacing AirAsia to someone else; avoiding policemen in Bali

Ms White: Haha, iya, did you already paid them?

Mr White: Well… some companies and some people always have a pricetag.

Ms White: Like me. Are you able to allow me?:)

Mr White: ****, never thought about it, Tiffany!XD

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