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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Duit’

Maybe it’s not a coincidence an all the Indonesian slang word ‘duit’ and English call to action, “Do it!” sound exactly the same… one often depends on another.



Ku pikir aku mau belajar sesuatu lagi  –  I think I wanna learn something (new) again

Ku (informal) = aku

Iya, gada banyak …  –  Yeah, don’t have (it) much

Gada (informal) = tidak ada

I said ‘but do it…’, bukan ‘but duit…’  – I said ‘but do it…’, not ‘but money…’

Duit (mostly informal) –  any kind of money


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Something Sweet’

A matter of pronunciation. Happens in both ways, especially if you expect people to use one language and they use another or even mix then, as in this case. Although, hati manis could be really used as ‘sweetheart’.



Sudah beli minuman?  –  Did you buy (some) drink already?

Belum, tukang* nya ada hati manis aja  –  Not yet, the sales guy had only sweet heart

Tukang  –  any kind of repairer, salesman, chef of streetfood etc

Hati  –  heart, in Indonesian canteens usually heart of chicken (ayam)

Hot tea manis mungkin?  –  Maybe sweet hot tea?

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