Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Nasi Padang’

I love Padang restaurants. Especially the ones with real Sumatra roots, where you can order nasi Padang (local spicy rice plate) or coffee and tea mixed with egg (kopi telur or teh telur). It doesn’t mean you can mix everything with egg to make it Padang…



Tadi aku sudah ada jus jambu sama telur  –  I already had guava juice with egg before

Tadi  –  before

Bukan dicampur!  –  (It was) Not mixed!

Note: prefix di- forms the passive

Minum jus jambu, lalu makan telur  –  I had a guava juice and ate an egg afterwards [Literally: Drank guava juice, and had [ate] an egg afterwards]


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