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Foreign Affairs – Hubungan asmara asing

A teaser that Don LaFontaine would have read with pleasure, with his most sensual voice:

5+ weeks of recognition
Lima+ minggu sejak diperkenalkan

One 4th of distance around the world
Seperempat dari jarak keliling dunia

3 hours per sessioon
Tiga jam per sesi

2 struggling wifi providers
Dua penyedia wifi yg berjuang

Beating like a 1 single Heart
Bertedak seperti satu Hati

That is a Chat tentang Cinta you can experience only once in your lifetime.
Jangan lewatkan! Don’t miss it!


Welcome to Chat Cinta! Selamat datang ke Chat Cinta!

You have just landed on a private blog. You may only use it as a tool for language learning.

It consists of a private chat, that has actually taken place between 2 people. A girl from South East Asia, and a boy from somewhere in Scandinavia, from cold Northern Europe. As the lovers may not welcome the leak of this private chat, we have changed the names and the actual dates. We try to keep you up to date though with the most recent developments in the relationship.

You are also welcome to shoot us your thoughts about this blog, although we cannot intervene into the lives of these two young people.

PS Up to you, if you find anything to laugh about.

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