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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Like +1’

Unfortunately it is true that if you make 2 funds raising money – one for people living in poverty and another fund for kittens -, the latter would win the race. Probably because animals are never hypocritical, but almost always funny… But when it comes to a girlfriend – clicking a ‘like’ is an impulse, whereas feeling it doesn’t need even a mouse.
Kamu baru menyukai foto kucing ya? – Did you just like a photo of a cat?
Tapi kamu masih belum menyukai foto aku! – But you still haven’t liked my photo!
Mungkin kamu harus berpose dengan kucing atau anjing juga? – Maybe you should pose with a kitten or a dog as well?
Note: As a foreigner it is normal if I use slightly incorrect mixed language, but I was surprised that ‘berpose’ is actually official form. Prefix ‘Ber’ indicating ‘-ing’ and ‘pose’ is ‘pose’… XD


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Secret History’

At least, thanks to Snowden we know now – if we need to remind something that we have said and written in the past, it may be out there, somewhere. Especially for Ms and Mr White, who has done it 100% online so far…
Strange thing is, they have been recorded in 3 copies: one original chat in NSA database + one copy for our blog + one copy of our blog in NSA database again XD.

Karena chatting online kita, mungkin kita menjadi pasangan yang paling direkam – Because (Thanks to) our online chatting, we are probably the most recorded couple
Mereka tahu semua, waktu kopi saya… – They know everything, my coffee-time…
Dan mimpi aku?! – And my dreams?!

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