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Phases of Being an Ex

Napkins are well-known for being underestimated resource, just because of their everyday usage. Such as this one, used to illustrate the following new theory.

Mr White had spent his summer in homeland, and returned to Indonesia.

They had a dinner again, Mr and Mrs White, when she grabbed a napkin from table and made some notes on it.


Mr White: What’s that?

Ms White finished her drawing and tossed him the paper. There was a graph, mostly declining.

Ms White: Aku pikir kamu telah melewati fase 4′ sayang

[I think you have passed the point 4′ now, honey]

Mr White: Have I? And am I going up or down?

Ms White: Di fase 4′? Aku akan menjelaskan, balikkan tissuenya

[At 4′? I’ll explain. Turn the napkin…]

Mr White turned the fluffy paper and saw the following lines:

Phases of being an ex:

1) “I like it, it is so cool!”

2) “Ok, but in homeland we do/have it like this…”

3 ) “They are so stupid here…”

4) “I hate it..”

4′ ) “I just can’t stand it!”   OR   (the increasing line) “Anyway… I cound’t do it at home :)”


Ms White:  Tentu saja, Arti Ex disini adalah Expatriate… Kamu telah tinggal disini lebih dari satu tahun, dan aku pikir kamu telah melewati semua fase dari yang  palingmenyenangkan hingga yang paling buruk..pada akhirnya sampai dititik balik tersebut.

[“Ex” goes for expatriate here, of course… You have been here more than a year by now and I think you have passed all these phases from absolute love to moments of disgust… and reached the turning point.]

Mr White: I came back… so I have passed the post-traumatic stress, as they say.

Ms White: Iya, itulah kenapa aku menggambarkan seperti itu, dan kamu berada di atas garis nomor 4′

[That’s right… and that’s why I drew it… of course you are on upper line at point 4′ 🙂 ]

Mr White: Oh, thank god, I am going up from the “Boo!”-line.

Ms White: Ya, aku harap kamu akan menemukan banyak ‘Wow’ momen lagi setelah ini. Terima kasih sudah kembali kesini sayang

[Yeah. I hope you will find more Wow-moments from now. Thank you for coming back, honey!]

Mr White: Sama sama… It is better to be an ex here then your ex there…


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Stasiun Dia’

We don’t know what is Gondang, but we know that stasiun Gondang is dia, not kamu or saya.



Sayang, kamu melewatkan stasiun kamu??  –  Honey, you missed your station?

Maaf, mereka bilang stasiun Gondangdia  –  Sorry, they said (it was) Gondangdia station

Dia  –  His

Tapi aku menunggu Gondangsaya  –  But I was waiting for Gondangsaya

Saya  –  Mine

PS Gondangdia is a station on Jakarta commuter line.

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