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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Hands On’

It is quite usual when having a video call, you don’t see the person but just a fragment of her – be it hands or someone’s huge red nose with need-to-shave nostrils. And so it may happen you don’t get it right. XD


Mau lebih cepat… Boleh kamu bantu aku? – I wanna (do it) faster… Could you help me?
Kamu membuka baju kamu? – Are you opening your shirt?
Tidak! Aku mengepang rambutku – No! I braid my hair


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Danger’

The moment I picked this idea from their conversation, Ms White was lost for some hours – playing Flappy Bird XD… But I’ve heard the game is closed by now to prevent the ultimate degradation the mankind. If it would only help!

Kamu tau dimana pacar aku hari ini? – Do you know, where my girlfriend is today?
Iya, dia dalam bahaya di kapal karam – Yes, she’s in danger on a shipwreck
Permainan berbahaya di online game – … Playing a dangerous online game

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