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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Addict’

No need to be jealous about everyone your pacar is chatting with;).

Here’s the translation:

Hey! Kamu chat dgn (dengan) cowok lain sekarang? – Hey! You are chatting with another guy at the moment?

I help seorang to restore password nya:

seorang – someone

nya – his or her

Siapa? – Who?

Ibu aku – My mom

PS  Someone told me about a granny who can’t live without her iPhone. Modern times…


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Snub’

I hope you did not happen to eat or did not get the meaning of this comic yet if you just had a sandwich… The point of this very comic is that our life is full of things, including things you do  n o t  want to mention always – unless you are Louis CK or Ricky Gervais. And despite of that we love the people we love.

Here’s the translation:

Mancung, tidak pesek – sharp, not snubby (nose)
Karena hidung mancung lebih disukai – because sharp nose is more in (here)
Upil – dried snot (it’s not a fairy if u thought so)

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