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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘The Mask’

Nowadays you can say Jakarta is more faithful to its “traditions” than other places in whole Indonesia. Or have you seen anyone in Yogyakarta using public transport and wearing mask like that?



Topeng ini dari mana ya  –  Where does this mask come from?

Ga tau.. tapi aku yakin topeng ibu nya.. pasti dari Jakarta  –  ‘Don’t know.. but I am sure the mask of the lady (there) must be from Jakarta.

Actually, there are many even more cool masks in Indonesia, like these.


Language Jeopardy: Nanti dulu

Time has logic… Languages not really

Mrs White: Kamu akan kemana sekarang?   [Where are you going now?]

Mr White: Tadi kamu sudah tanya, kamu mau aku beli kopi dulu [You asked me earlier to buy coffee (before)]

Mrs White:  Bukan.. tadi aku bilang kamu harus mandi dulu, sarapan, dan nanti dulu kamu bisa beli kopi juga kalau mau

[Not really.. I asked you to have a bath first, eat breakfast, and later on you can buy coffee as well if you like]

Mr White:  Oh.. jadi nanti atau dulu? [Oh.. so later or before?]

Mrs White:  Nanti saja.. [Just (do it) later..]

Mr White:  Jadi kenapa kamu tadi bilang dulu? [So why did you tell (me to do it) before?]

Mrs White:  Tadi aku bilang nanti dulu  [I said later]

Mr White:  Arti nya? Tadi kamu salah ya? [What’s the meaning of it? So you where wrong, right?]

Mrs White:  Bukan.. arti nanti dulu itu “nanti saja”  [Nope.. the meaning of nanti dulu is just “later”]

Mr White:  Sulit banget! Jadi sebelum aku ke toko dan beli kopi, aku bisa minum kopi yang belum ada..  [Extremely difficult! So, before I go to shop to buy coffee, I can drink coffee that we still do not have..]

Mrs White:  Oh, habis ya .. maaf .. oke, mandi dulu dan nanti bisa pergi aja ya.. dan kamu bisa sarapan sama kopi setelah kamu kembali  [Oh, it’s finished.. sorry.. okay, have a shower and just go then.. and you can have your breakfast with coffee after you come back]

Mr White:  Oke, karena nanti aku pusing sekali kalau tidak minum kopi [Right, coz later I’ll get really dizzy if I don’t drink coffee]

Mrs White:  Maaf ya, tapi kemarin kamu bilang kita masih ada kopi  [Sorry.. but yesterday (earlier, last week etc) you said we still have coffee

Mr White:  Aku bilang begitu kemarin? Bukan.. Kemarin sudah hampir habis  [Did I say so yesterday? No.. yesterday it was already finished]

Mrs White:  Oh jadi kamu bisa minum satu bungkus sehari?  [Oh, so you can drink one packet per day?]

Mr White:  Tunggu dulu.. kemarin kemarin atau kemarin sebelum kemarin?  [Wait a minute.. “yesterday” yesterday or “yesterday” as day before yesterday?]

Mrs White:  Hey, jangan membuat aku bingung sekarang! Mandi dulu dan nanti pergi aja ya. Tapi iya, makna kemarin itu bisa lebih luas.. bisa bilang kemarin tapi sudah tentang minggu lalu juga   [Hey, don’t make me confused now! Take your shower and just go, okay. But yes, the meaning of “kemarin” can be more wider.. you can say kemarin, but (thinking) about last week as well

Mr White:  Oh aku suka kata nya. Ok, aku akan pergi aja  [Oh I like that word! Ok, I’ll  just go now]

Mrs White:  jangan lupa mandi dulu..  [Don’t forget to shower first..]

Mr White:  Sudah, sudah..  kemarin baru mandi.. karena arti kemarin nya sudah lebih luas :p   [ I already had.. Earlier I just washed myself..  because the meaning of kemarin is now even more wide ]

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