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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘In Shadow’

At the beginning I thought I’ll make a joke with these desa (village) houses, which seem to have almost no amenities. And then I realized that I have prejudices myself: If I think about vacation on an island, those kind of bungalows look perfect to me; and afterall – why do we think those far islands does not have any facilities besides roof and shadow? Of course they do.
Aku baru menemukan sebuah apartemen bagi mu – I just found an apartement for you
Bagus.. Dengan semua fasilitas? – Nice.. With all amenities?
Iya, hampir – Yes, almost


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Scary things’

What was in their mind, when they carved these figures? – I’d like to ask, too.

Bagaimana keluargamu menerima budaya aku? – How does your family take (receive) my culture?
Jangan kuatir – disini budaya Cina… – Don’t worry – (we have) Chinese culture in here…
…dan budaya lokal – and local culture (* the last monolith erected figure comes from Sulawesi)
Takut! – (I’m) scared!

PS If you care about scary figures, masks and other Indonesian art, you may check out some pictures here.

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