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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Gombalization’

This is how boys do. You speak about marriage and they change the topic, by making a compliment. Who can resist that?



Temanku baru nikah lagi sama bule…  –  A friend of mine just married again with a foreigner

Ini globalization  –  This is globalization

Kamu cantik malam ini  –  You are beautiful tonight

Iya iya… dan ini gombalization  –  Yeah, yeah… and that is gombalization

Gombal  –  rags; but also a person making compliments


Mr and Mr White in pictures – ‘A Show Tonight’

A ‘problem’ that is usually considered as a ‘British problem’, where one word can have many totally different meanings, is also known in many other languages. So, if you missed a traditional ketoprak show, you can still wear some strange cloths while eating… ketoprak.



Jangan lupa, ada ketoprak malam ini  –  Don’t forget, (we’ll) have ketoprak (for) tonight

Hm, apa yang bisa aku pakai  –  Hm, what should I wear (then)

Ini sayuran aja, bukan teater… tapi kalau mau…  –  It’s just a salad, not a theatre (show)… but if you want…

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