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Unexpected actions

If you watch enogh movies, you may even start dreaming in 9-act schemes, I guess. Anyway, that’s what Ms White just almost did. (Warning: some parts are still in bahasa Indonesia.)

Ms White: Huh, akhirnya kamu di kantor [finally you are at your office]!

Mr White: Iya, maaf, aku terlambat pagi ini… tapi tidak apa apa, bos aku belum di sini juga

Ms White: Tidak apa apa tentang bos kamu – aku mau ceritakan untukmu tentang mimpi aku… tapi aku malu juga XD

Mr White: Kenapa malu?

Ms White: We got married in my dream! Hwaahh!

Mr White: XD Kamu tidak suka itu?

Ms: I woke up shocked! And you know, the funny part was, it wasn’t my family who did not support the marriage with you, but your mama, who didn’t want u to change ur religion and didn’t want to let you go!

Mr: Hah, she’ll be okay, but what about your papa?

Ms:  Yeah – I was surprised too, both my parents accepted it! But when I heard them speaking, I understood that it was you mama who was against it. But then – u asked me for a walk in the garden, and u bought flowers for me, but  – u used euros..  and the shopkeeper got confused with the money, and then she just gave u back some rupiahs, but u thought she cheated u, and so u grabbed some extra rupiahs from her deposit box and then, we just ran away!

Mr: Honey, did you watch some chasing movie last night?!

Ms: Oh, you wouldn’t have bought me flowers?!

Mr: Oh, no, yes, please continue…

Ms: Oke, but don’t forget the flowers! Anyway, ketika kita ke rumah lagi, u spoke to ur mom again, you told her more about me, and after that we hugged each other – and she accepted me! XD

Mr: Bagus! Happy ending!

Ms: Sssht! It was really like a movie, because then there was a scene like „A few days later“ … All I knew – my house was full of people, all in Javanese traditional baju, I walked to my house and found u in suit, ready to declare Islam, and after that … we got married! When I looked at the mirror, I was shocked, because in the mirror I was wearing my wedding dress! XD

Mr: After you woke up?! o_O

Ms: Hehe, sebelum nya. Bismillah ya sayang 🙂 Atau… lagi, kenapa kamu terlambat pagi ini??

Mr: Hm, maaf ya. Tapi aku pikir, alasan itu bagus juga. At least we believe it is a good sign.

Ms: Ramalan apa?! Tell me!

Mr: In the morning, all my windscreen was covered with shit… Birds, you know… It took a while to clean it, but I believe I must be a lucky man now! And all at the same day as your dream, sayang! Bismillah.

Ms: Uh, don’t add this shit into our wedding speach ya?!


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Scorpio’

Just for the fun, trying to post straight from my hp (mobile) this time. Anyway, watching Indonesia Bagus from youtube, I was surprised there are actually some scorpios running around. Kecil saja, as Ms White says.

Apakah disana banyak bahaya? – Are there many dangers?
Tidak, Indonesia bukan Africa – No, Indonesia isn’t Africa
Bahkan skorpion kami kecil – Even our scorpios are small
Oh iya, sebagian besar orang mati di rumah, toh – Oh yeah, most of the people die at home, don’t they?
(Toh is actually Javanese expression, although Google gives it as Indonesian)

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