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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Say It Again!’

mr n ms white 99

Sorry for being away for a while. Since I happened to drop my mobile phone and couldn’t use the application to create new comics, it was time to learn to do it in more proper way. Here’s a scene from Ubud market that Ms White happened to visit these days.



Ibu mau ke mana ya?  –  Where are you going, miss?

Ibu, bu  –  mother, but also commonly used for any lady, mostly elder, but not necessarily

Tapi ibu sudah bilang ‘mari, bu’ …  –  But you (Mrs) already said farewell

Mari…  –  Let’s go! (also: Mari, yuk!) An informal way to send someone to the road or greet someone on track, e.g when hiking

Bukan ‘mari, bu’, tapi lima ribu lagi, bu!  –  Not a farewell, but ‘five thousand more’


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Barbars’

How do you call barbars in bahasa Indonesia anyway? Orang buruk? (Bad people?) Or is it just a matter of space between the words…



Kamu ingat apa tentang malam kemarin?  –  What* do you remember about last night?

* Mark the word order in Bahasa.

Bar bar Bali saja…  –  Just bars of Bali

Ada barbars di Bali?  –  There are barbars in Bali??

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