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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Top Currency’

Villages and small cities seem to have much more trust left than modern urban blocks, where you barely know your own neighbor. But of course, you have to earn that trust first, even by speaking a few words in bahasa, for example.



Kamu beli nya bagaimana? Karena tadi kamu lupa dompet…  –  How did you buy this? Because you forgot your wallet before…

Kepercayaan adalah mata uang yang paling penting  –  Trust is the most important currency [lit: eye of the money]

Kamu sudah jadi orang Indonesia asli  –  Wah, you have already become a real Indonesian

Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘In Spotlight’

Nowadays most people are models, for their own camera.



Sayang! Senyum, ceweknya sedang memfoto kita  –  Honey! Smile, that girl’s taking a foto of us

Yuk  –  Let’s (do it) [informal expression, a call for doing something]

Bukan, dek, saya sedang selfie  –  No, miss, I’m taking a selfie

Dek  –  Informal word for someone younger (girl)

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