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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Teaser’

Nothing to do with the post, but I find onomatopoeic words funny. I doubt if your eyes can actually make a sound like woot woot if you make them big while surprising, but I guess, it would be the right sound for that. Nice found from bahasa gaul (slang) Indonesia.

Aku mau bertanya – I want to ask..

Oh, aku sudah lupa – Oh, I already forgot

Woot woot, lupa kenapa? – (surprised – could be O_O), forgot why?


White Hall reception

Gozilla is probably big for everyone. But everything else – it depends.

Weddings, for example.

„I want it to be small,“ Ms White said one evening, when they had their regular online dating session. „I want it to be small, sekitar dua ratus orang saja, [about two hundred people], “ she said.

Mr White was not surprised. He had never asked his dad how many people were at his wedding, but it must have been definitely less than a 100 people – it would have been really hard to find more living relatives or even friends. Scandinavian countries are small and people tend to be more individualistic.

Indonesia, on the other hand, is a big country. A whole nusantara.

My question is, how much would a person have to adapt himself when moving from a small country to a much-much bigger? Both have their advantages, as the conversation brings out.

„If you come to Indonesia, the number of people you know would decline significantly. Besides my family, of course,“ Ms White is worried.

„Compared to the situation here, it wouldn’t be so dramatic, I think. The number would be almost the same, but yes, it would be mostly your family. Here, on the other hand – we are just so small that almost everyone has someone really famous they know very well – or even a relative,“ Mr White compares.

„Do you have someone like that, famous?“

„So-so. I have spoken to a person who will most probably become the next archbishop here. I have spoken with 2 of our prime ministers, none of them as cocky as Tony Abbott. And I am listening to a new album of my mom’s schoolmate, who happens to be a well-known singer…. But…- if I would like to disappear in here, it would be really difficult. Nearly impossible.“

A remark: Mr White seems to be upset about Tony Abbott because of a recent scandal. According to his words, „Abbott has a big ego, chicks by his hands and only two months of experience as a prime minister of a colony. He doesn’t want to apologize. Not a hard thing to do. Let him work with that. Yellow papers will love it. “

Ms White gives a smile: „I know that. So come here!“

„I will, honey, I am just analyzing the differences now.“

„Okay, honey. So, if you think about the size, what can you do here, that you can’t do there?“

„Hmm.. First of all, I would be one of the very few to speak bahasa Indonesia to represent my country over there.

Then, if we’d like to do a nice family business, we would have a really big market without any need to export.

Plus, if you’d like to go for a shopping, we would have many supermarkets on our way home. Most goods are made in Asia anyway, hehe.

And if we’d have a vacation, we may choose between a number of living volcanoes to climb on, instead of just a couple of hills over here…“

„But our wedding would be still small, with 200 people,“ Ms White laughs.

„I’ll survive it. Although it sounds like an Independence Day Reception at the White Hall for me.“

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