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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Dark Matter’

You remember the thing and know how to use it, and yet, there’s a blind spot – how is it called? The dark matter is rather dark this time.



Mana unsur hitam nya disini?  –  Where’s that black element here?

Aku harap di galaksi kita tidak ada…  –  I hope we don’t have it in our galaxy

Ada ada, kecap manis yang aku temukan di toko   –  Yes, there is… kecap manis (sweet ketchup, sweet soya source) that I found in shop


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Yoga Secrets’

I can only say that there are more positions you can count, but all of them have the same two names.



Hai, maaf, aku sedang yoga  –  Hey, sorry, I’m doing yoga. (No need to say ber-yoga here)

Kamu tahu nama semua pose kamu?  –  You know all the names of your poses?

Biasanya cracky back dan help me  –  (They’re) Usually cracky back and help me

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