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Hidden Cam

Here is maybe one of the best examples, how a secret online love affair would look like if you do not have google glasses. Since it’s not possible to carry your laptop everywhere, all kind of interruptions are inevitable… But it is quite funny, I admit. A modern Michael Frayn („Noises Off“) could probably write a play like this.


Hidden camera

Mr White (Boy): Honey, Skype does not let me to do statistics, but Google does. Can you guess, how many times we have said the word „nakal[naughty]?

Ms White (Girl): Since we started our dating?

Boy: Iya. Tebak saja… [Just make a guess]

Girl: Kamu nakal googling begitu! Ga tau

Boy: 13 times, but we speak in three different channels. So it has to be nearly 50 times, because most of our evenings we spend in skype… like tonight.

Girl: Malu.. Kadang kita harus nakal sesekali! [~Sometimes we are really naughty] XD

Boy: By the way, we have been dating for 9 months by now.

Girl: Sudah? Oh…Mau kamu ke sini!

Boy: Aku juga! What are you looking there?

Girl: Sebentar. Hide! My big brother…

Boy: Oke.

Girl: Oh, he left. Kamu bisa buka lagi. [You may open again]

Boy: Welcome back!

Girl: Maaf, hide again. Aku mau ambil puding roti dan susu…

Boy: Oke, jangan biarkan kamu kelaparan! [don’t let yourself to starve]

Girl: Back again! : )

Boy: Nice.. Enak ya ?

Girl: Iya. Sebentar. Hide again! We have to move ke ruang kedua.

Boy: Oh.

Girl: Huh, maaf ya. Kita di kamar rias sekarang. [We are in dressing room now]. I want to show you something. I hide it from my mother. Hey, where is your camera? I can’t see you…

Boy: You asked me to hide again…

Girl: No…

Boy: You said, hide, it is your mother.

Girl: Where? Hehe, no – I said I hide it from my mother. I want to show you something. Aku telah berbelanja pagi ini dan beli new bikinis. XD

Boy: Oh. Tentu saja mau lihat… but where is the camera now? It is still loading…

Girl: Ah… can we wait until tomorrow?

Boy: Noo…I cannot hide that I am verry interested. XD

Girl: Kamu nakal!

Boy: You said it again! Nakal… That is 51! XD


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Salty Waters’

As Ms White said, a salty bath can relieve the pain in your legs after a long day. I didn’t know that. Not exactly an ocean, but better than nothing.



Sayang, mau berenang di laut denganmu – Honey, I wanna go to sea for swimming with you

Iya bisa, karena setelah hujan disini… – Yes, (here: it is possible), because after the rain here…

Aku akan butuh berendam di air garam juga – I’ll need to soak (my legs) in salty water as well

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