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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Focus’

Well, I teased our Instagram followers a bit today, and posted only the first picture from this comic – but without any text, just an empty bubble. I bet, everyone of them had their own opinion about what Ms White could have said. In this case:

Filmnya baru selesai – The film just ended  (must have been a French movie by the word ‘Fin’ )

Ah masa? – Oh really?

Makasih sudah nonton film dengan aku sayang – Thanks for watching the movie with me, honey (sudah indicating that it is over by that moment)

Tapi kamu mengerti filmnya tentang apa? – But did you understand, what was the film about?

Gak tau juga, aku hanya nonton kamu saja – I don’t know as well, I was just looking at you

PS …Something important. Thank you all for half thousand unique visits to our page! Nowadays, even some books do not reach to that print run;)


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Kiss’

Ms White is back from her trip, and I am glad about it. Yet they haven’t had a kiss so far (being so far), I can tell they are getting even more close now. It is not my intention to play with words, but they are planning something together now, and hope to let you know about it in time. Woah, but drawing Brezhnev and Honecker kissing was maybe too much.XD

Kapan aku bisa mencuimmu sayang? – When can I kiss you, honey?

Di sini gak boleh sebelum menikah! – It’s not allowed here before marriage!

Oh, jadi pria ini adalah pasangan ya? – Oh, so these men were a couple, yeah?

(No, they were politicans)

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