Monthly Archives: February, 2016

Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘e-verything’

As Mr White’s homeland claims for the title of e-country, Ms White is hoping to postpone the face to face meeting with his parents. Or was it just irony.



Mau ketemu sama orang tua aku di Eropa?  –  Would you like to meet with my parents in Europe?

Mungkin bisa online aja  –  Could we do it just online? [Maybe – can – online – just]

Kenapa online?  –  Why online?

Karena negara kamu terkenal seperti [spt] negara-e, kan [bukan]?  –  Because your country is (well)known as the e-country, isn’t it?


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Barbars’

How do you call barbars in bahasa Indonesia anyway? Orang buruk? (Bad people?) Or is it just a matter of space between the words…



Kamu ingat apa tentang malam kemarin?  –  What* do you remember about last night?

* Mark the word order in Bahasa.

Bar bar Bali saja…  –  Just bars of Bali

Ada barbars di Bali?  –  There are barbars in Bali??

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