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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ´Santa Sawo Mata´

Santa Sawo Mata

There´s a true story about a supermarket Santa Claus in Jakarta, who suddenly disappeared. And when a little girl asked her mom, where is Santa?, her mother told her it is time to pray Ashar for Santa… This time the Santa was a muslim. And probably with brownish, sawo mata skin. Santa is really everywhere and everything…


Xmas disana ada?  – Do you have Christmas over there?

Ada.. di mal-mal  – We do.. in malls

Dan Santa Claus juga ada?  – And Santa Claus as well?

Sawo mata  – brown eyes; a specific Indonesian skin tone

sawo – sapodilla [fruit] brown

Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Papua’


It is really nice to see all these artistic statues, figures and ornaments from Papua in Museum Indonesia. But on the other hand, doesn’t the proportion of those things make you think, what if there would be some spices and a kettle…



Museum Indonesia keren, benar? – Museum of Indonesia is cool, right?

Benar. Tapi aku sudah takut, setelah melihat patung-patungnya – You are right, But I’m already scared, after seeing those statues

Mungkin kamu mau makan aku juga :H – Maybe you wanna eat me also

PS Papua has mor interesting art then one would expect. Like some of these masks.

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