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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Training accident’

For the sake of a good relationship, if good things happen to have small side effects, it’s better to close your eyes.



Hai! Oh, aku pikir aku sudah tahu  –  Hey! Oh, I think I already know

Tahu apa ya?  –  Know what?*

Bagaimana lampu nya rusak kemarin  –  How the lamp broke/got broken yesterday

Pinter kamu!  –  You are smart! [Pinter is a slang version of pintar, and is pronounced more like pintter, whereas pintar sounds more like pintaar]

*  About finishing the questions with ya and other smart language tips you may check out from the video How to speak Indonesian in 5 days. Useful, if you are planning a short trip to Indonesia.


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Ripped Jeans’

A rare occasion to be present at birth of a new term, invented by Ms White: celana gemesh. The term goes for all kind of sexy trousers, long or short, especially for ripped jeans, and especially especially for short ripped jeans that have pockets longer than the leggings of the jeans themselves. No need to be Selena Gomez to be hot.



Kejutan! Aku beli celana gemesh  –  Surprise! I bought gemesh trousers

Oh, kamu beli CD Selena Gomez?  –  Oh, you bought Selena Gomez’ CD?

Bukan! Aku beli celana yang bikin kamu gemesh  –  No! I bought trousers that make you (feel) gemesh

Gemesh  –  A strong burst of cuteness, which makes you hugging and acting like you had just seen a puppy (or whatever you like so much)

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