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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Half-Sunday’

Sunday’s for sleeping, no matter where you come from. It has almost anesthetic affect.

Aku hanya setengah Sunda asli – I am only half-Sundanese
Beneran? Setengah Sundah, setengah siapa? – Really? Half-Sundanese, half who (else)?
Setengah Sunda, setengah Sunday.. Mau tidur – Half-Sunda, half-Sunday… I wanna sleep…


Who makes anecdotes?

Being a joke

In Indonesia, being a foreigner, a white foreigner, is a topic. It is always mentioned if there’s a bule in the group, like as it would make some difference. For example, for a band it works like a zoo on a stage, as some people who normally wouldn’t like their music, come to the concert just because of that.

But sometimes, the attention and having the “zoo feeling” is well deserved and even worth a joke.


Mr White: Honey, do you know some anecdotes about bules?

Ms White: I can’t remember .. but I think you made an anecdote yourself this week.

Ms White: When?

Ms White: Can’t you remember, when you came home with 2 packets of gado-gado [vegetables in peanut sauce, usually with rice]?

Mr White: Yes, but I ordered only 1. I know you don’t like sayur [vegetable dishes]. I asked one, there’s nothing funny in it.

Ms White: Yeah, but how did you ask it?

Mr White: I asked as it was written, gado dua, di bungkus [correct question would be “dua gado-gado, di bungkus” – 2 gado-gado’s for take-away].

Ms White: Why?

Mr White: Because it was written so: Gado2

Ms White: Just kill me, honey 🙂

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