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Dating a Mutant

There have been some international scandals recently about so-called illegal intelligence – and although they’ve all been connected to the NSA or opinions about the free world, causes, consequences and prevention, it has affected us a little as well: we haven’t had chance to track everything we’ve wanted .. about our followed couple. Anyway, as far as they still write with each other using a certain tool, we’ve tracked and saved some conversations for you. Here’s one of them. Enjoy!


Dating a mutant

Mr White:  Honey, kamu sudah mandi?

Sholat magrib?


Opened tv?

Washed dishes?


Ms White: Belum semua … you know all my rituals 😉

I am still wearing a towel…

Mr White: Tidak apa apa

Ms White: Kamu nakal! But yes, I am almost ready for dating with u…

Mr White: I can see that… Bcos you just tweeted tentang pacaran kita…XD. So it is the first time you said it out in public!

Ms White: He, iya. But they don’t know dgn siapa…  I like to tease them to make gossip of me

Mr White: And they gossip apa?

Ms White: They just say that she doesn’t like local guys, she likes bule guys

Mr White: What is the gossip ttg aku?

Ms White: Ga tau

Mr White: Maybe they say that you are dating with a mutant…

Ms White: A mutant? Kenapa?

Mr White: Iya, bcos scientifically I am a mutant

Ms White: Ahh…! A mutant? Like in horror movies?

With fangs?

A tail?

Mr White: Nooo… Scientifically, blue eyes are also a mutation.. It just appared some thousand years ago. So I am a mutant.

Ms White: Aku sangat senang bertemu dgn kamu, mutant! 😛

Mr White: Don’t be scared, honey. I think blue eyes doesn’t come with fangs… And even if I have a little fangs, I won’t bite you. With fangs I mean…

Ms White: Kamu nakal lagi!

Mr White: Actually, you have so many horror movies in Indonesia that I think, aku takut horror movies more then you do…

Ofc aku takut kamu lebih daripada any horror movie…

Karena kamu nyata

Ms White: Iya… Aku pacar galak!

Mr White: Hehe, yes, you are! Btw, is your hair dry by now? Can we watch the movie?

Ms White: Iya, aku siap untuk pacaran kitaJ  But it was my choice today, ya?

Mr White: Iya. What is the movie?

Ms White: Hannibal…:H


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Size matters’

Happened in a real conversation again. XD is a certain smile in a written form of course.

Sebuah hadiah – a gift/present

Sebuah – an article, used for any kind of tangible assets (large objects)

Maaf – sorry, pronounced as ma’af

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