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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Say It Again!’

mr n ms white 99

Sorry for being away for a while. Since I happened to drop my mobile phone and couldn’t use the application to create new comics, it was time to learn to do it in more proper way. Here’s a scene from Ubud market that Ms White happened to visit these days.



Ibu mau ke mana ya?  –  Where are you going, miss?

Ibu, bu  –  mother, but also commonly used for any lady, mostly elder, but not necessarily

Tapi ibu sudah bilang ‘mari, bu’ …  –  But you (Mrs) already said farewell

Mari…  –  Let’s go! (also: Mari, yuk!) An informal way to send someone to the road or greet someone on track, e.g when hiking

Bukan ‘mari, bu’, tapi lima ribu lagi, bu!  –  Not a farewell, but ‘five thousand more’


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘First person, last person’

I guess every couple have had both phases in their relationship. Feeling that the one who was once loved so much, is now the last person you’d like to see, and then, everything changes again – s/he is actually the only one you want to speak right now. No matter what time is it. Or who is knocking at your door. Hiks.

“The last person”:


“The first person”:


No need for the translation this time ya?

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