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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Celebrity X’

If you were kept too long at security gates, you may take it as a compliment.



Aku tadi lama di security  –  I was (kept) long at security

Karena kacamata hitam aku  –  Because of my sunglasses (black glasses)

Mereka pikir aku celebrity  –  They thought I (was) celebrity

Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Makes No Sense’

Some people just have to ask hard questions only when speaking over phone. Even when you are in traffic or shopping. How good are you then to give them a fully analyzed reasonable making-sense answer?


Sulit diungkapkan dengan akal pikiran ditelpon  –  It’s difficult to express reasonable thoughts on phone [to reveal thoughts with making sense]

Tapi tadi kamu bilang kamu cinta aku  –  But you just said you love me [actually: said before]

Apakah itu masuk akal?  –  Does it make sense (then)?

Akal  –  reason

Ungkap  –  said [formal]

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