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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Purple’

The trick to say it right is simple – just close your nose or imagine you’ve got a cold. Because the -ng- in word ungu (purple) sounds exactly like that. Try it, and impress your Indonesian friends, by speaking as an orang asli (local)!



Makasih, sayang  –  Thank you, honey

Kamu suka bunga warna ungu ya  –  You like a purple [colour] flower, right?

Bunga  –  Flower

Oh, kamu mengucapkan kata ‘ungu’ sudah dengan benar  –  Oh, you pronounce (say) the word ‘ungu’ already correctly

Hanya karena hidung aku tutup…  –  Only because my nose is closed


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Yoga?’

Let’s say, one of my friends was away for a while (a year maybe), and then, after coming back, hm, he has become a yoga teacher! And that means at least 2 levels of something something. I wouldn’t say he’s become a guru, but it’s a fact: he can teach others now. Allllright… I guess Ms White has a reason to be a little disappointed here:

Apakah yoga populer di sana? – Is yoga popular there?

Iya, tapi guru nya semua palsu, karena aku masih…  – Yes, but the teachers of it are all fake, because I still…

gak bisa terbang – … cannot fly

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