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Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘To the North’

mr n ms white 100_to the north

This one is tricky. In many parts on Indonesia, including Bali, people tend to give you guidelines according to mata angin (cardinal points [eyes of the wind]). Even if you happen to have a map, can you always be sure that the north they are thinking is the north also on your map? So is it straight, left or right?



Pak, kalau mau ke candi nya, ke mana ya?  –  Sir, if (I) want (to go) to that temple, where (should I go)?

Ke utara aja, nanti ke timur  –  Just to the north, then (turn) to the east

Jadi masih lurus, kanan atau ke kiri?  –  So (I still have to go) straight, (turn to the) right or to the left?


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Ide yang Benar’


I wish some people could be really stopped for spreading utterly wrong ideas, especially in programs that have nothing to do with science.



Kenapa polisi stop kamu?  –  Why [did] the police stop you?

Aku tidak ada ide  –  I have no idea

Atau kamu tidak ada ID yang benar?  –  Or (maybe) you [didn’t] have the right ID?

PS As you can see, you may skip many words in bahasa, as in bahasa the past and present are often context-based knowledge. I even can’t remember, when was the last time I used the word “telah” (indicating past).

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