Monthly Archives: December, 2015

Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Mindset’

A right mindset is similar to solving a puzzle. Get the right POV and it’s done!


Translation from Indonesian:

Tapi ketika aku bilang ‘Pass thru’  –  But when I said ‘Pass thru’

[compare: Tapi kalau aku bilang ‘ Pass thru’  –  But IF I say ‘Pass thru’]


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Best of All’

Most urgent things can wait.



Jadi… Mau aku convert agama aku segera?  –  So… (you) want me to convert my religion soon?

Nanti dulu… Boleh setelah Xmas  –  Just wait a bit… (you) can (do it) after Xmas

Karena aku suka oleh oleh nya juga:)  –  Because I like those (Christmas) presents as well:)

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