Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Dot on i’

To make it clear: hari Selesa is once in a week, the moment of ‘hari selesai’ seven times a week, including moment of ‘hari Selesa selesai’.



Pasti kamu suka hari Selesa?!  –  (Are you) sure you like Tuesdays?

Yakin aku bilang begitu?  –  (Are you) sure I said so?

Remark: you have to read more examples to get it right, when to use pasti and yakin, both meaning sure.

Mungkin aku bilang aku suka klo hari kerja selesai  –  Maybe I said that I like (the moment) when the day is over

Klo  = kalau (slang of text messages)

Using internet slang of bhs (bahasa) Indonesia is part of  normal daily life in Indonesia. What else would you do if you spend 3-6 hours a day in traffic jam? You communicate.



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