Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Music and Cash’

Mr White is hanging in Bali and counting, how many times per day a Balinese can lie to a bule. It depends on location, he says. So far, Ubud is a winner, asking about 4 times of a price that is usually asked from locals. It is a privilege, Mr White speaks a bit Indonesian. Although it seems, sometimes he doesn’t understand his own language anymore: ‘tendolaa’ is a big brother of ‘uandolaa’…



Indonesia ada banyak hal musik – ada karimba  –  Indonesia has many musical instruments, there’s karimba…

Ada angklung – there’s angklung…

Sudah tahu itu, tapi apa yang… – I already know that, but what is…

Mungkin harganya   –  Maybe the price…


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