By calculations, the mixed couple has been together in Indonesia about four months by now.

By calculations, it is pretty expensive. Some costs can be avoided, though.


Ms White: You had to pay 315,000 rupiahs to AirAsia, if you wanted to change the date?

Mr White: Yes. And the ticket was about 400,000, so it is almost a price of a 2nd ticket.

Ms White: Sounds like blackmailing…

Mr White: Funny is, they say it is legal…

Ms White: Well, on your ticket it is said: “In case of itinerary changes, SOME administration costs will be charged.” Some. I am ironic now.

Mr White: It is not your style.

Ms White: Nothing about 5% or 10% or 15% or 20% or 25% or 30% or 35% or 40% or 45% or 50%. Not even 55% or 60% or 65% or 70%. No, they want more than 75% extra to change the date. Some!

Mr White: I admit that, but I’m calm, I just won’t use them anymore. I am more worried about the costs that I cannot avoid. Like my visa, extending it, then travelling out of the country to get new visa again, for hotels and for apartement here.

Ms White: Oh. Banyak nya? [Is it a lot?]

Mr White: Quite, 3500 euros per year is banyak even for me. And it is without food. Without our trips.

Ms White: Banyaaakkk. Can you still stay here, honey?

Mr White: I have to cut some costs. Like replacing AirAsia to someone else; avoiding policemen in Bali

Ms White: Haha, iya, did you already paid them?

Mr White: Well… some companies and some people always have a pricetag.

Ms White: Like me. Are you able to allow me?:)

Mr White: ****, never thought about it, Tiffany!XD


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