Can You Explain?!

There has been a wider gap between postings. The reason is that Mr White has finally packed his stuff and moved to his pacar. Or has he?

Since his move they haven’t chatted online for a while. But let’s have a look at their last, not very encouraging conversation:


Ms White: Honey… I got some info from my bulehunter-friend.. She told me that her friend and u are chatting. And her friend knows u’ll come here soon, and she also knew about your plans here. So.. what’s going on???? Can u explain it??! Ugh

Mr White: Who said I am chatting with who??? From social media everyone can say I’ll come there soon, I think I have to turn off my bloody FB… I even don’t remember the last time I chatted online with anyone except u sayang

Ms White: Doesn’t matter with who, but she knew also your name! The girl pictured ur chatting in Skype, and it was in about January…so, are u flirting with other girls?

Mr White: Sebentar..  U know, I wanted to find contact disana to find a job there. So I found someone who seemed to have the right business. You are right, it may have been in January. But it was not a good contact and I think also, she wanted to flirt instead, so I did not reply to her anymore.
But at least, now I know who she is and I can explain.. if u let me to do that… Please, sayang, aku kangenmu and want to speak with u so muchhhh…


Let’s see. Bismillah, she’ll accept this twist.





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