Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Black stuff’

I wouldn’t say all cats are black at night…  There are things you can replace and some that you can’t. Or would you replace a regular morning coffee for kopi luwak?


Kamu akan rindu roti hitam* disini ya? – You’ll start missing black bread (rye bread) in here?

*’Roti gandum’ would be more correct, but as the rest of the world calls it ‘black bread’ by its color, roti hitam is as good as roti gandum

Mungkin, tapi aku yakin aku akan rindu kopi hitam – Maybe, but I’m sure, I’ll start missing black coffee

Disini juga ada kopi – Here (we) have coffee also

Iya, ayolah – itu kopi luwak, sayang… – Yeah, come on honey, it is kopi luwak


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