Huh anyway!

„Only two or three people know about it.“… Mr White was too careless to have an internet call with his friend, Sherlock, again.  


Sherlock: Is everything okay at work?

Mr White: Funny you ask – I may start working as a freelancer

Sh: Oh, I don’t know – is it good? Will you still get the same money?

W: Actually I don’t know, and I don’t care, but I’ll have an option to do some other things too, so I can’t lose, in general

Sh: Hm, I hope so. Btw – you haven’t said anything about your Indonesian girlfriend lately… I guess your crush must be over now?

W: Well, you know… all this freelancing and stuff… is because I am keeping my doors opened..

Sh: What do you mean? Opened to where?

W: The thing is, I’m gonna leave in two months…

Sh: You.. are gonna leave… so? To where??

W: I got those tickets already two months ago.. And I am sorry, I didn’t tell you, but

Sh: Hm Hm Hm I don’t know what to say… Honestly, I thought you have buried this plan to really go there

W: Hell, not. Why did I bought this action cam then? XD

Sh: Huh, I thought.. it may be because of our plan to go to South America…

W: We did not have this p l a n.. we’re just gonna watch some football this summer…from TV.  The camera can be used anywhere. In Indonesia, for example… Anyway..

Sh: Anyway, I am speachless now

W: Well, anyway, come and visit me…

Sh: I bet I’ll come! Huh anyway!

W: Don’t get too excited – you can’t tell it to your wife, okay?

Sh: Why not, she’s not gonna tell to anyone

W: She is s h e, she can tell, but I can’t

Sh: You just told me

W: Only 2 or 3 people know about it… It is important since I’ll be officially freelancing

Sh: Okay.. (listening for a moment) She is coming right now.. we should change the topic

W: Yes. We’ll come back to this, very soon

Sh: Maybe the next week…

Ms Sherlock: Hey guys! Anything new?

Sh: White just told me..

W: ..It’s been a very boring week

Sh: Absolutely!


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