Without Foreplay

***I hope, they’ll continue with this Foreplay quiz… to present it to you. Here’s a little conversation between Ms and Mr White, with just a tiny editing.***

Mr White: It is a huge difference if you are a bad boy or if you have an image of a bad boy. I would like to have it – I guess, it would let me to do some things without a special need to explain myself always…

Ms White: Aku tidak tahu kamu ingin jadi begitu bandel! [I did not know you wanna become so bad boy!] I doubt if I’d actually like this, because you are a foreigner… but as I’d still live in my own country (if you come here), I would still have to live by the rules we have here. You shouldn’t make it too complicated.

Mr White: I agree. By the way, did you know, there is a game called Foreplay?

Ms White: Oh

Mr White: No, not that game! It is for young couples. The idea of it has actually come from children who always play family when they are kids. But the new version of the game is that a young couple, before they get married, would have to play through their first years of marriage, step-by-step situations, as they would probably pop up in real life.

Ms White: How do you play it?

Mr White: There are certain questions that both sides has to answer. For me, it actually reminds a meeting between a messed up couple and their lawyer:P

Ms White: It reminds me Sopranos!

Mr White:  Oh, come on, it’s not that bad! But yes, in a way, it’s like a meeting with a psychologist.

Ms White: But before anything bad has happened…

Mr White: …And that’s why it is called Foreplay…

Ms White: Would you like to play it? Or would you like to do it without a foreplay? I mean, get married?

Mr White: We have actually already made some questions. But yes, it could be useful.

Ms White: What would you like to ask?

Mr White: It is not what I’d like, but it has full list of questions, and if we decide to do it, we need to do them all, both you and me.

Ms White: Oh, okay. But let’s do just one right now.

Mr White: Fine. The question is: “Blood is thicker than water. Is your husband/ wife your blood?”

Ms White: Oh, come on!… Do you know Beyoncé?

Mr White: Of course… I know…

Ms White: And the song Singe Ladies (Put a Ring on It) ?

Mr White: Oh. You mean… I need to marry you first to become your ’blood’?… Okay, I did not make these questions!XD


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