Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Focus’

Well, I teased our Instagram followers a bit today, and posted only the first picture from this comic – but without any text, just an empty bubble. I bet, everyone of them had their own opinion about what Ms White could have said. In this case:

Filmnya baru selesai – The film just ended  (must have been a French movie by the word ‘Fin’ )

Ah masa? – Oh really?

Makasih sudah nonton film dengan aku sayang – Thanks for watching the movie with me, honey (sudah indicating that it is over by that moment)

Tapi kamu mengerti filmnya tentang apa? – But did you understand, what was the film about?

Gak tau juga, aku hanya nonton kamu saja – I don’t know as well, I was just looking at you

PS …Something important. Thank you all for half thousand unique visits to our page! Nowadays, even some books do not reach to that print run;)


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