Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Check-in’

In order to follow your distant love you need to check in. …And you may also want follow her twitterXD


Kamu baru check-in di bis? – Did you just check-in to bus?

Iya, tapi jangan membuat aku tertawa – Yes, but don’t make me laugh

Karena mereka pikir sekarang aku sedang membaca buku – Because they think that I’m reading a book now

(That was really crazy word order, wasn’t it? Do not translate word-by-word if you want to speak a beautiful language, my girlfriend saidXD)

Buku apa? – Which book?

Gak! Aku akan tweet bukunya – No! I will tweet (the name of) the book

Ps Here’s the teaser for the comic, you are welcome to enjoy and share it.. Terima kasih! XD


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