I have a dream…

Hey again! Of course there are more cool dialogues between Mr and Ms White, as we call them, but sometimes they need quite some editing before we give them to you .. to learn almost gaul-less bahasa. Here is the most recent. Considering that, they are doing really well! PS Translation included!

Girl: Aku baru dari bioskop [I’m just from the movies] .. I had a dream…

Boy: A dream like Martin Luther King had?

Girl: Engga.. bukan itu! .. [No, not that one]

Boy: So it was a boring movie?

Girl: Nggak.. iya, mata aku tutup tp itu krn filmnya horor lagi.. XD [No.. yes, my eyes were shut, but it was because it was a horror movie again]

But when i got back from the movie theater .. i fell a sleep in a bus .. And i had a dream about how we meet for the first time

Boy: (tmi) did we? [note: (tmi) is an emoji: too much information; just in case]

Girl: Maaf, mimpi itu selesai sebelumnya [Sorry, my dream was cut before that]

Boy: Oh

Girl: But .. you had your grey jacket and blue hat

Boy: I will buy one!

Girl: .. with your New Balance shoes ..

Boy: In Jakarta climate?!

Girl: It was still at the airport..

Boy: Did I see you honey?

Girl: I was wearing a mask ..

Boy: Mask apa [Which mask] .. Iron man?

Girl: XD .. Gak, aku memakai cadar .. [No, I was wearing a cadar (veil, purdah)]

Boy: Oh, but you never have it in real life

Girl: Iyaa, aku ga punya, jangan khawatir XD [Yeah, I don’t have it, don’t worry]

And when I was waiting for you .. and waiting .. you step out .. and at the first step, you looked around, trying to find me

Boy: XD

Girl: And then, our eyes met, and you recognized me

Boy: Even you were in your cadar?

Girl: Iya .. so I tried to hide myself .. and then I woke up

Boy: Oh.. It was your busstop ya?

Girl: Mhmh

Boy: You remember it in details, honey

Girl: I always write my dreams down, when I wake up

Boy: Oh.. I would like to remember my dreams like you do ..

But you know, it is said that people spend 70% of their time by dreaming – dreaming and making plans. I hope our plan to get together won’t be just a dream.

Girl: But even dreams come true sometimes…

Boy: And even plans come true sometimes… XD

Girl: Iya, tp kamu harus mulai dgn menulis mimpi kamu selalu setelah kamu bangun ya? [Yeah, but you need to start writing down your dreams always after you wake up, ok?] Jadi kamu bisa tahu mimpi mana yang akan menjadi kenyataan. Dan jangan lupa untuk berpikir ttg aku juga ya [So you’ll know if these dreams will come true. And do not forget to think about me too, okay]

Boy: Tentu saja .. kamu menggunakan bis lagi malam besok? 😉  [Ofc .. you’ll use a bus tomorrow evening again?]


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