Clone, you are made of me

As promised, here’s the transcript from a recent chat between Mr and Ms White, as we call them (see the previous comic ‘Sci-fi girl’). At the end you will find a quite common expression in bahasa which I like: ‘- Ah masa?! – Beneran!’ [- Oh, was it?/is it?/Really? – Yeah, really!]  But now, enjoy! *

Mr White (The Boy): You know..

Ms White (The Girl): I know…

Boy: Oh, how do you know?

Girl: Because… I am your future girl!!

Boy: Mmm.. Honey I thought you are my girl already…

Girl: Ah masa?! I mean, I am from your future. Bcos – when you have afternoon there, we have evening here already.

Boy: I see… I still have to wait some hours until it’ll be evening here. So, yes, you may say that you are my future. Girl.

Girl: Hey, I didn’t say it this way…that I am definitely your future. Because, maybe you’ll watch Miss World show, which is in Bali this year, and you’ll find your real „future“ from there?

Boy: Honey, I doubt that! Why should I choose a clone for my wife? The girls there doesn’t look real. I think the meaning of the show is to find the most perfect clones in the world. But I want someone different, more personal.

Girl: But I am also from future, I just told you.

Boy: Okay, but that would give you a chance the meet the cloned Miss World, and say to her: „Hello, I am also from the future. You may live with Hugh Hefner, but you are made of me.“

Girl: Who is Hefner?

Boy: Ah, he is just an old man running a clone farm…

But honey, as you are already living constantly 4 hours ahead of me, maybe you can also tell me, what should I do different? To avoid mistakes. To have a better future. Because by your time now, you already know, what I did wrong…

Girl: Hm. Let me see… Iya, kamu selalu salah. Tapi jika kamu mau aku untuk bilang apa yg kamu harus lakukan sekarang, kamu harus membayar aku!  [Yeah, you are always wrong. But if you want me to tell you what you should do right now, you have to pay me!]

Boy: Berapa harga layanan nya? [What’s the price for this service?]

Girl: Hm. Karena kamu pacar aku, kamu dapat pilih. Satu juta rupiah selama setengah jam masa depan kamu… [As you are my boyfriend, you may choose. One million rupiah per every half an hour of your future time…]

Boy: Atau? [Or?]

Girl: Atau.. (Cut- Editor)

Boy: Ah masa?!

Girl: Beneran! Psss.. Btw, what did you actually want to say at the beginning?



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