Adult games…

It may seem simple: 2 people, big love and internet – what else do they need?

But – the longer it takes to get actually together, the more they need to find something new to talk about. And here come the games…

A transcription from a recent chat:


The Boy, Mr White: The picture is blurred. I think the CIA is after us.. 🙂

The Girl, Ms White: Aku piker gak begitu [I don’t think so]. My lil brother is playing online now. Dia sedang main dgn temannya [He’s playing with his friend at the moment].

Boy: Dia bermain apa? [He is playing what?]

Girl: Shooting… Something like Warcraft.

Boy: Maukah kamu kita bermain bersama-sama sekarang? [Do u want us to play something together now?]

Girl: Hmm… Hide and Seek?

Boy: Ha – how – so that I’ll cover my webcam and you have to guess where I am? 😛

Girl: Mungkin .. Tapi jangan bermain dengan hatiku, ya ? [Maybe .. But do not play with my heart, ok?]

Boy: Haha, tapi aku gak bisa menjanjikan itu[But I can’t promise that!]

Girl: Hm, true, itu paling sulit[it is vary hard (to do)]… But what if we play Scrabble?

Boy: Hm, I know the game, but they use the words that barely exist. Even Stephen Fry couldn’t use them.

Girl: Siapa Stephen Fry? [Who is Fry?]

Boy: Oh, just someone who likes to play a lot… Karena dia aktor.. dan penulis [He is an actor and a writer].

Girl: Fine. Ok. Mari kita bermain [Let’s play..] Truth or Dare. If u choose the truth I’ll have to ask something from u and you have to answer it with truth. But no nakal [naughty] questions!

Boy: I’ll try…although, it should be the point of the game! 😛   pertanyaan aku adalah.. [My question is..]: When will u tell ur parents about us???

Girl: Oh. Segera, jika kamu datang kesini. 😉 [Soon, if u come here].  Actually, it may be that my 5 year old niece already told them about you – she saw u in Skype and u cannot stop children…

Boy: Ahh.. I am shy

Girl: XD   Apa yg kamu pilih sekarang [What do u choose now] – truth or dare?

Boy: Hmm… Dare, dear! 🙂

Girl: Oh.. Good! Did I just say ’tidak nakal’?!  Oh.. Tapi aku mau melihat kamu berdansa! [But I wanna see yuo dancing!]

Boy: Oh…  Terima kasih [Thank you] Allah, that your lil brother is still playing Warcraft and the picture is blurred 🙂 ..You won’t see most of my .. ’dancing’…


Honestly, we are happy too that we only got the transcription….


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