A break-up

Where is the chat?“ – I got this letter recently from a reader. Before I give you an (extreme) example, I’d like to explain a little. A chat is very context-based text, it may use some words that only 2 people can understand, not to mention more common idioms, Bahasa Gaul like Jakarta slang, bits of Javanese… which you should not learn at least at the beginning.

But don’t worry, our couple hasn’t break up. The example here is a reconstruction. About another, but still a real break-up. Although it is also half English / half bahasa, it is very different from the chat our couple experienced yesterday (the following is a love triangle), so please try to read it exactly as it goes: read it, keeping long pauses after each reply, especially at the end.  And I mean: lo-ong. The pauses which are full of heartache and maybe swallowed tears. It is not ridiculous an all. Feel it (or change to another channel). Disclaimer: you may need to use this.

The Girl: Apakah teman aku cerita padamu tentang mantan pacar ku?

The Boy: No. You have an ex?

The Girl: Mantan pacar ku meminta aku untuk kembali sama dia…

The Boy: Mmm..  and you like this idea?

The Girl: Gak tau

The Boy: Why? Bcos u still like her?

The Girl: Mmm

The Boy: Or bcos u are already thinking about me? 😉

The Girl: Bukan keduanya haha

The Boy: But if u are not sure, it means you still like him

The Girl: Sebenarnya aku gak suka sama dia

The Girl: Aku bingung, dia selalu bilang kalau dia sayang sama aku tapi dia juga mendekati gadis lain

The Girl: Dan besok dia tiba di Jakarta….

The Boy: Oh.. I won’t come to Jakarta if I’ll be someone .. 3rd

The Girl: Haha

The Boy: Ofc I cannot persuade u

The Boy: Tp aku sedih sekarang

The Girl: Mmm

The Girl: Apakah aku menerima mantan ku lagi?

The Boy: It means we will never meet

The Boy: Maaf

The Girl: Kalau dia mau berubah,aku mau kembali dengan dia

The Girl: Aaahhhhhhhh kenapa aku punya ex seperti dia ya,bodohnya aku 😛

The Boy: No, you are not stupid

The Girl: Aku cuma kasihan sama dia, waktu itu dia bilang sayang sama aku, makanya aku mau pacaran sama dia

The Boy: So you are already sure, you won’t wait for me, will you?

The Girl: Kita gak pernah tahu apa yang akan terjadi di depan

The Boy: I won’t contact with you if you are so unsure yourself

The Girl: Aaahhhh

The Boy: But I will miss you

The Girl: Mmm.. kamu harus tidur sekarang, ini sudah larut

The Boy: But thanks for telling me this, at the end

The Boy: Bye, XXX…

The Girl: Iya

The Girl: Tapi kita masih berteman, kan?

The Boy: Yes, but I can’t speak with you again

The Boy: Krn aku sedih

The Girl: Aaahhhh

The Girl: Ayolah 😉

The Girl: Benarkah kamu sedih?

The Boy: Iya…. krn kamu gak ingin melihat aku lagi

The Boy: Bye, I wish you the best

The Girl: hey..!

The Girl: Besok kita masih bisa ngobrol, kan?

The Boy: Mmm knp?

The Girl: Ya, aku mau ngobrol aja sama km

The Boy: Iya aku juga

The Boy: But it hurts

The Girl: Kita harus tetap berteman

The Boy: Iya, but I can chat again only if it stops aching.

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