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Body language

They met again. Our Scandinavian and his friend with a ring, who seems to know everything. We hope the smarta*s is wrong.


Mr White: She asked me to read her body language.

But I can’t. It is just beautiful. I am a bad reader. I can only tell when she looks tired of me.


His friend: I bet it’s beautiful. Karena dia wanita (voice sounding like Brazilian saying bonita). But the hunt goes on scalps of bules.

W: Waaah! How can u say like that?!

F: I was kidding. Well, do you want me to analyze it? I try to be objective…

W: … you may try…

F: Is she always for you?

W: Is this some kind of test you are giving to me?

F: Haha, sorry, but I am trying to help…

W: Ok. Ok, but she can’t be always for me – we are still far. Couple of months more.

F: I mean, does she answer to your questions?

W: Mm, there are questions she turns to a joke. Like yesterday, I asked does she believe in us.

F: Okay. Well… She must be still unsure then. But does she reply to your feelings – as much as it is possible to show them?

W: She doesn’t say it, you know that already! Yes, she wrote it, but it was some time ago by now.

F: Have u said u love her?

Mr White is just blushing and blinking.

F: Hey, you cannot work it out alone.

W: I am not alone.

F: I mean, have u ever left her waiting or without reply?

W: No

F: Have you gone dating during those months?

W: No

F: So, I don’t know about you chat, but as I said, the hunt goes for bules and if she doesn’t care that you have been only for her during those months, I suggest you to move on. I suggest it as a friend.

W: You make me sad. I’m in love – d*mned, you still made me to say that to you! I am shy.



F: So, are her little signs telling you she is now more opened or are you just dreaming?

I don’t know your conversation.

W: She has been really busy lately.

F: I see. I hope your body language is not a reflection to hers. Cos’ you don’t like to give me much answers…

W: What?

F: Well, you are usually much more opened to me. I thought there have been some changes, but if it looks like IDX with ups and downs… If I read the news, and there is silence, I am always afraid they are hiding something from the public.

W: I don’t speak about markets! I am speaking about feelings!

F: I know that, I know that, Sherlock. But they are both reflecting the emotions.


Mr and Ms White in pictures – ‘Shared values’

Despite of different cultures, there are always universal values.

PS I happened to design that shirt by myself : )

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