Message from Futurefax: Skype needed

Somewhere in a basement in Tallinn, Estonia. The year: at the beginning of 2000s.

2 guys, one with a pony tale, and another one with a cap in his head (turned backwards), are sitting in front of their personal computers. Linux and Windows, to be precise. They are playing Doom and the Windows-guy seems to be quite nerveous.

****,“ he says.

„Hey, relax! Fix your security hole, and you could be a winner, pal.“

„Ah, let it be. Let’s wait Mac to become better and Microsoft will start repairing its Windows itself.“

„In that case: boom! You are dead.“ The pony-guy makes his final shot and his parter is down – in a game, of course.

Linux was cooler (lebih keren) at that time than Mac, as the „i“ hasn’t been invented yet. To hide his mixed feelings after his loss, the cap-guy opens his mailbox to see if some new mails have popped in.

„Hey! There’s one mail again. A FUTUREFAX.“ He sounds dramatic.

„Oh… read it!“ The Linux-guy seems to be exited, since the last Futurefax he saw, had been at least 2 days ago.

„They say,“ the Windows-guy reads, „we have to write a code for a video-phone program… which is using the internet… some guys from Sweden have drawn the basic idea, but we need to make it work.“

„I don’t get it. It seems to take time. What could be our motivation?“

„Hm, it says, in a year 2013 there will be a guy – around here! – who will fall in love with some girl from Indonesia. And to make it happen, they need a tool for connecting with each other.“

„Oh come on, man! Who’s the guy around here?“ the pony-tale wants to know.

„I can’t tell you…  Actually – it could be me or you or someone else. In 2013… Who knows?! Do you have a girlfriend?“

„No, I still don’t. I guess my Linux freaks them out…“ (He laughs) „But by that time they could also meet through CouchSurfing, won’t they? It will be established already by 2004, if I am not wrong.“

„But they need to speak with each other also while they are far away. And as I said, it could be you.“

„Hm. You are right. If you put it that way, it is quite a motivation. Btw, is the girl beautiful?“ (The Linux had mostly codes not pictures on its screen, if you remember)

„Hey, they cannot add photos from the future yet…even in PC. But she has to be really *hot*, because by that time our region will be also known by its highest number of top models per capita, don’t you remember?“

Don’t I remember the future? What kind of silly question is that?!“

„Oh.. it’s my fault, sorry, I forgot it – that detail was mentioned in a Futurefax from the last week, but you were in a mission.“

„Okay. But how can we write this program? Can we use some code from our Kazaa?“ the pony-tail reminds his partner one of the first world-famous P2P-based file-sharing programs, which had had some misunderstandings about legal issues (:p)

„I guess so. But the most important question is, how to name it, the new program?“

„Haha, the most important question! Let’s call our 3rd partner…“

He dials the number and starts speaking, without any introduction: „Hey, pal. Give us a name for a project. Sky is the limit for the names. But I also think the important question is, how to make it worth enough – or how to get the P/E value which is high enough to sell it later… to Microsoft one day,“ he pokes the Windows-PC with the speaker. „So, did you get it? Sky is the limit, but P/E is important. Any thoughts? Sky and P/E, Schneller, Schneller!“ he repeats.

„Sky pe. Skype?“ he hears over the cracking landline.

„Oh **** you, you are good! We’ll send you the details ya?“ He hangs the speaker and turns to his other partner again: „Let’s start hacking and make this top model from the future happy!“

„Ok. But she’ll be mine.“

„Don’t even dream about it. She’ll be mine.“




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