At The End Of The World

A phone-call transcription, about a week after Mr White and his friend met in a café. It sounds like Mr White is calling out of the blue, but it also seems like he needs to talk. So we put it down for you.

Mr White: Have you finished a book recently?

A Friend (with a wedding ring, if u remember him from Google and Sherlock): Reading? No

W: I have. And it made me thinking, how incredible moment it is

F: What?

W: When you have just finished it. You feel good bcos of the ending, how all the pieces fall into the right places

F: But if it was a shitty ending?

W: Even with a happy ending you are always a lil bit.. confused, I think

F: Why?

W: Bcos they – the characters of the book – have made you angry or happy, so you think u know them by the end of the book. And so you know, something goes on with them after that. At the end of the book they do not depend on author anymore. They are alone. Like you. You have to make ur own decisions

F: So, when finishing a book, you always draw parallels with ur own life?

W: Ha, I don’t even finish all the books! But true, we usually like the characters if they make brave decisions…

F: Even if their decisions are doubtful?

W: It’s irrelevant. We respect them because they have made a move. And so they have got the result

F: So…I can see, it was a good book ya? Or are u speaking about your Indonesian friend now?

W: Friend?

F: Well, is she in love by now?

W: Hey! I was speaking about the book!

F: Ok, sorry (laughing). And how did it end, the book – ‘At The End Of The World’, was it?

W: Yeah, by Kivirähk. Well, everybody in this book wanted to go somewhere, so-called to the end of the world…

F: And at the end they still didn’t?

W: I am not gonna tell you if u still have a plan to read it!

F: Ok. Ok.. But still, did she /cut -Editor/


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