Google and Sherlock

2 guys entered a café. Coming straight from work, Sherlock would probably say. It was around 6 pm, and one of them had a bag with laptop hanging on a shoulder. They ordered something to drink and picked a table near the window. The guy without a bag has to be married, he has a ring, Sherlock would have noticed.

„How long did it take for your wife to say she loves you?“ the laptop-guy abruptly asks.

„Hah. Well, it took some time… I honestly don’t remember. Starting from the moment I first met her, you mean?“

The younger guy nods.

„Hm. Well, we met.. and after that.. we had several dates.. and then. It took time, I have to say.“

„Okay, you were in the same city and you had a chance to meet her. But I haven’t had it yet. And I still wanna know her feelings.“

„She hasn’t told you yet?“

The guy with the laptop doesn’t seem to feel good: „Nope.“

„But you have been speaking about her for ages! At least, have you expressed your own feelings to her?“

„Of course I have! That’s why I am asking! In internet people are usually more opened and I kind of expect that from her too.“

„That is true, more opened, but more easily braking their promises as well. Before I met my wife, I had some dates over the internet.“

„Waah, you haven’t told me about that.“

„Well, I am telling you now… and one of them – actually two (don’t look like this!) – and I did not like them! – Oh, 2 of them started to call me their sayang just in one month. It made me cautious.“


„Because there was no way we could get together, I was just too kind to end it soon,“ he explaines. „But then there was the 3rd one. I really fell in love with her,“ the older guy confesses. „Unfortunately, she was the opposite – when I said „Aku suka sama kamu“, she just kept teasing me: „Aku suka kamu, aku suka Bobby, aku suka semua teman aku.““

„I am sorry to hear that… How did it end up?“

„I told her, „Aku tidak suka sama kamu seperti teman saja, tetapi banyak lebih.“ But she did not want to say more, so I ended it by myself, because I was looking for a girlfriend.“

They sip a tea for a while in silence.

„Okay, but what does Google say? How long should you wait to hear „I love you“?“

The younger guy opens his laptop, types something in, and reads carefully.

„Well, it seems to be popular question in many forums. One of them says, not before a year.“

„Hah – even I said it faster to my wife.“

„And another one says „When you feel comfortable“.“ And there’s also an example with only 2 months. I guess the comfortable-thing is the most accurate.“

„True. But you may also analyze her actions, be the Sherlock himself.“

„What do you mean?“

„Well… what words does she use with you. Does she feel happy or does she miss you? Is she opened to make plans with you? What does you Sherlock say?“

„I see… My Sherlock says… Oh, I am no good in deductions.“

„Has she at least said she likes you?“

„I can’t remember…“

„Hey, you should remember that… otherwise I’d say, why you’re wasting your time with her. You haven’t recently had time even for me…“ The married friend seems a bit selfish.

„Well, you can try this,“ he continues, swirling the ring in his finger: „Take a step back, and just say that you like her, and see what happens. If she’ll say that she likes you too, there’s hope. And don’t Google! Just use your Sherlock. It is individual and you’ll get better results. Trust me.“

„I do. You have the ring, man.“

He closed the laptop.


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