Critical times

White: I am living at half by my own time and at half by your time now. Waktu di sini actually pagi jam empat lewat beberapa menit.

Ms Tan:  Iya, aku tau. Aku di bis dan sedang menuju ke kantor sekarang. Kenapa belum tidur?

White: Ok. Hati – hati ya… Aku telah berpikir… We live at critical time. With our relationship.

It is very easy to get bored if the relationship is just over the internet. I would say, my experience is, although within one month everything may seem very okay, it will start fading in 40 days. And we are at 40 now.

Ms Tan: Berarti?

White: You can read the signs easily. The patterns of our own behaviour and our chatting partners’ are very similar. So you will read their every step: Excuses. Small lies. Days off. Smaller gaps. Longer gaps. The end, maybe. Itulah masa depan, biasanya, maafkan.

Ms Tan: Hey, kamu harus tidur ya

White: I am saying, no one starts that kind of relationship for a friendship. I know, friendship is a part of it, but not the reason. And if you don’t see the other side soon enough, but only over the net, the feeling will fade away.

Ms Tan: Bisa di selesaikan sekarang, di sini road bumps.

White: You are in a bus, what about the road bumps? Hehe. Kamu pun mengganggu ku.

Bagaimanapun, you said relationships between Indonesian girls and bules last often only a couple of years, because bules leave to their home country. I know, you exaggerated. So, I am also exaggerating: some of my friends say that Indo girls get fed up easily, if it is only a long-distance relationship.

Ms Tan: Well, can we make it better? If you promise you can stay here more than just 2 years, then aku bisa ngobrol denganmu 41 hari, oke?

White: Haha. Ok. I will stay there 2 years and one day then.

Ms Tan: 🙂 Oke, selamat tidur ya

White: Selamat  bekerja, dear.


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